14: By, with and for Humanity

The conception of innovation outlined in this Manifesto is humanistic. Science ad technology is vital in this conception, but it’s a means to an end – a higher human quality of life and societal progress. The more humanity innovates, the more quality of life can improve enough for more people to engage in innovation. That’s a future worth striving for.

‘Discontent’, Oscar Wilde said, ‘is the first step in the progress of a man or a nation’. [1] Today it is a mark of discontent to say that innovation confirms man’s humanity, or to say that to be an innovator isn’t the same as making your goals happiness, wellness and a low carbon footprint.

Innovation is done by human beings, and not by nature or by machines. Never a force for democracy in itself, innovation can nevertheless be assisted when it is done with the participation of more people. Finally, innovation is for humanity.