The following are responses to the Manifesto from around the world.

“This blog has long argued that the UK requires a radical change for the better in its approach to innovation. I am delighted to recommend a new report, Big Potatoes: the London Manifesto for Innovation”
Innovation and inspiration part 2, UK After The Recession, Rob Killick

“I look forward to what emerges next from this group of thinkers. Hopefully their manifesto will get a wide hearing and spark more discussion among those who want to, as they say, “stand up and be counted.””
Why we need to talk about innovation now: the Big Potatoes manifesto, The American Situation, Sean Collins

“I really like the insight that the Great Depression saw real innovations from companies that have gone on to be durable brands of the new century; Nestlé, Penguin Books, General Electric and Texas Instruments. But so far the credit crunch has seen almost the opposite level of thinking.”
Big Potatoes A Manifesto For Innovation, Piehead, Philip Slade